What is the Law of Attraction?

Well, let us start with a simple definition.

Your state of mind determines how successful you are. The law of attraction believes that all thoughts eventually materialize.

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If the things you focus your thoughts are negative that could materialize, if your thoughts are of something positive, that could determine your success.

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Most people don’t know about the law of attraction and they don’t understand why their life is miserable or why they can’t achieve their goals, and they don’t control what they are thinking about, it takes focus to be the master of your own mind and thoughts.

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We are triggered by our impulses, hormones and sexual drive every day. We all need to find meditational harmony of our mind and convey it into our strength in stead of weakness. If you learn how to effectively apply law of attraction in your life in the positive direction then you can create the future of your imagination and make it reality.

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If you give love you will get love, but if you give anger you get anger back.
Everything that has happened in your life has happened through the materialization of your own spoken words or thoughts of your relatives or people around you.

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This theory would be hard to accept especially if there has been big tragedies in the family. Just remember none of the words spoken disappear, be careful
what you say and what you think.

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Than more you master the law of attraction than more beneficial and abundant your life becomes. Master your thoughts and you will master the law of attraction.

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Your mind is constantly thinking of something even when we sleep wether we dream or not our mind is active. Law of attraction is a continuous process. Law of attraction knows no limits and can surprise you with big miracles, so be ready for amazing things to happen.

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Explanation of the law of attraction.

In current society, most people are negative and have a lot of phobias and are making more reasons to fail than reasons to succeed. Any goals you may choose to achieve, for example, to get financial or emotional or spiritual satisfaction, if you are negative then more likely you are to attract failure.

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Most people just have phobias and negativity, even if you are positive, people on the street or even close ones will point out your reasons for failure really quickly, which makes it even harder for anyone. Many people don’t have money or don’t have some kind of gratification in their lives.
And this negativity, unfortunately, is contagious.

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Remedy your negative thoughts.

Surround yourself with positive people and do positive affirmations daily. You can even write your own perfect affirmations. And most importantly be
in control of your own thoughts don’t let them loose, like the ‘wild dogs’.

If you master the law of positive attraction you will be able to free your self from all negative unnecessary thoughts. And you can heal your body, mind and soul in the ways you never thought possible. And you can realize that you can mould and shape your own life the way you want it.

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World-known popular book: ‘’The secret’’ Is focusing on the law of attraction and advising to create a vision board of all the things you want in your life and mapping out in detail your long and close term goals. And make choices and take action of achieving your dreams.

For me as a Christian, praying the rosary daily helps to minimise the negative thoughts in my life. When the lockdown started I noticed even more so how important it was to regularly pray. I could see the difference between the days I didn’t pray and when I did.

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People in the past who have understood the law of attraction has become the most famous and popular personalities, like, Picasso, Plato, Beethoven
and Einstein

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The question of: ‘Who am I?’ Who I truly am? My true core purpose of being here and now. Find out who you are first and then you can think about what you want to do.

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A good way to keep positive energy in you is to think that you already have everything you desire and think in detail of this thought how the grass smells at the Malibu beach or how the wind blows past your magnificent near beach mansion, really feel it. That these kinds of visions trigger materialization in real life.

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Play your role in life in every situation be a master role player.
Because life is like a ‘’stage’’, the one who plays ‘’the role’’ the best succeeds.

Scientific proof that Power of Mind exists.

The experiment was conducted by Bio Energy school in russia. Two same wheet grass seeds amounts were put in the two same containers. They where put in identically lit rooms with identical temperature and watered with the same amounts of the same water. But one of the pots was left alone it was called a control pot.But, the other was sent positive signals daily from the group of people thinking positive thoughts for half an hour 2–3 times a day. As a result in 2 weeks the tray with the seeds that recieved positive thoughts had grown grass 3 times more than the control pot.

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Exercise. Materialize your wishes with Power of your Mind Jury’s (Four Whales russian author) method.

When ever you want something you need to let the higher power know what you want. Close your eyes. Imagine, that you see thousands of golden light bubbles flying around in cosmos, they twist and turn and sparkle, like they are full of life, like they are life, and some are circling our solar system, they travel fast. They are merely balls of energy, your helpers, we’ll call them.

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And know when you have your idea ready, imagine the following. You guide one of these golden shining lights from cosmos to your location and imagine that it lands slowly on the top of your head and goes in your head and stops in the middle of it. And now it absorbs all your desires, thoughts, wishes. Then, the light travels slowly down to the middle chest near yourheart and observes all hearts desires. It can be used also that it travels trough your chakras.

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Then it travels down to your stomach and absorbs information about your health and possible improvements you desire. Then with your thoughts you move the ball up to chest where it swirls a while and then to head were it pauses for a mere confirmations and then you let it go up. You let it fly our orbit and let different colour lazer looking signals blast to all directions back and forth in space and let it circle the sun several times and exchange information with universe and other informational channels and other golden balls and when it is ready it will return to you.

And you must let it descend in your head again and desolve some of the information there and then to chest area and the desolve some of the information there, and then to stomach and there it completely, happily, slowly desolves completely and is absorbed by you.

You can do this exercise as often as you desire, but usually it is enough once for one desire.

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Affirmations to trigger positive thinking.

For some people, life was so hard to them, they have been told what they need all their life, that they don’t even know what they truly want.
Affirmations are a good starting point to get your mind into the positive mind set and eventually you would write your own amazing unique affirmations and prepare your mind to recieve what you want. Focus on affirmations that provide how you feel after achieving your goals, it is very powerful technique.

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You can think yourself what you would feel after achieving your goal, how excited you are how the grass smells and really relive the moment in future in as much detail and as much emotion you put in it than more likely it will materialize.

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Being grateful attracts things to be grateful for.
You have to be greatfull for the things you already have, no matter how little, because the law of attraction works in the way that is your current mind set. If your mind is grateful then it will attract more things to be grateful for. It is the same when mind is positive you recieve positivity back, and if it is negative, you recieve negativity back. You will recieve what you give.

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Use the law of attraction to attract love.

Focus here in every scenario is of that you already have it. It could be extremely difficult if you are realist and non-believer. But scientists have said that everything is energy and matter doesn’t even exist. So who is to say that our dreams are less real than reality or which is which. The fact that you are thinking happy thoughts and you are currently happy is the best condition any person could wish for in the current state.

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Just to be happy in their life. It could be as easy as that just switch on the happiness in your mind and that’s it, be happy. So to attract love use vision board put a poster of girl you want, car you want, house you want or any achievements can be written on it. And just think that you already have it all. How you hold your partners hand. How it feels to kiss her, hold her. This way you will irradiate positive love energy and you will attract the same.

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Use the law of attraction to attract riches.

In this scenario use the vision board and put on it the posters and the pictures of the things you want. Write your self a check for ten million dollars. Imagine that your bank accounts are full of money 12 or 13 digit numbers. Think about how excited you get when you throw that money in the air over your bed and sleep on top of it, how are you spending the money, that you already are enjoying the things that you bought for it, and how it makes you feel this state of mind will attract the same situation in reality.

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I have two First Level highest Educations: Engineering and Medicine, and a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. Also Managers and Web development diplomas.

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Gvido Brauns

I have two First Level highest Educations: Engineering and Medicine, and a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. Also Managers and Web development diplomas.